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Northumberland Archives would like to thank the Wellcome Trust for funding our project and the former patients and staff who participated in our 'Voices of Stannington Sanatorium' project. Their contributions have provided some of the content for our online exhibitions.

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Stannington Sanatorium Project - Press
BBC News - Stannington Sanatorium's former patients recall TB treatments
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External Video
BBC Look North - Former patients reminisce - 20 July 2015 - Duration 02:42
BBC Inside Out - Stannington Sanatorium - November 2011 - Duration 09:00
British Pathé - Stannington Sanatorium Reel 1 - 1920-1930 - Duration 09:09
British Pathé - Stannington Sanatorium Reel 2 - 1920-1930 - Duration 10:11

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Children North East - Founded as the Poor Children's Holiday Association
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If you were a patient at Stannington Sanatorium you will now be able to access the medical records which were held in your name. Our contact details and opening hours can be found on our website HERE.

If you are interested in the Stannington Sanatorium records but were not a patient redacted copies of the files digitised to date can be found by searching our On-line Catalogue. Any enquires can be made by contacting us HERE.